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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Watch a Hoverboard Burst into Flames Right Out of the Box


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Hoverboard Fire

Hoverboards are all the rage despite the fact that they don’t truly hover. They roll on two wheels while people try and often fail to keep their balance. These things can be dangerous, especially when they suddenly burst into flames beneath your feet.

It’s become an issue, with bans on hoverboards and some retailers refusing to sell them due to safety concerns. Usually we see videos of the carnage after the fact with melted hunks of plastic sitting in people’s living rooms and driveways. This time, a vlogger recorded the fire while he was doing an unboxing video.

Hoverboard Catching Fire

According to Paleofuture, the blogger charged it overnight and then took it out the next day to give it a first spin. He set it out on the pavement, stepped up, and nothing happened. It appeared to be broken, but he wasn’t ready to give up.

A few whisps of smoke rise from the hoverboard and then flames shoot out in a brief ball of fire. The poor guy nearly jumps out of his skin to get away from the flames. All is well, except for the hoverboard. That thing is done