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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Edgy Acura Precision Concept is a Geometry Professor’s Fantasy


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You would think that with all the harsh criticism surrounding Acura’s design language in recent years, that the Japanese marque might want to tone things down a bit. But for the Detroit Auto Show, Acura designers actually did the opposite—and it actually might have worked in its favor.

The Acura Precision concept is an edgy and unique four-door sports sedan concept that looks sharp to the touch. The former ‘beak’ is replaced with what Acura’s calling a “Diamond Pentagon grille,” which goes above and beyond in the angular department. Somewhat of a middle finger to all the design haters.


The interior follows suit with an angular cockpit, a minimalist central control system, and a ginormous infotainment screen located at the top of the dash. Not to mention another, smaller screen located behind the steering wheel.
It was developed at the Acura Design Studio in California, lead by Michelle Christensen, the very same designer behind the edgy new NSX. But it’s not just some cool-looking concept with no purpose. According to Acura, it will “literally shape the direction of all future Acura products.”


We’ll be curious to see how this concept translates into the real-world. It’s definitely a unique vehicle with plenty of potential.