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Friday, January 29, 2016

Tesla Will Actually Build Two Affordable Electric Vehicles


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The news of Tesla’s more affordable Model 3 has been out for some time now. Unfortunately, all that talk hasn’t translated into a vehicle you can actually buy (yet). But Tesla wants us to be patient, because the Californian electric automaker isn’t just working on one affordable electric vehicle—it’s actually working on two.
The report comes from Electrek, and suggests that the first vehicle, the Model 3, will be released in March. Tesla confirmed these reports. The second vehicle in question—likely a Model X-based CUV—won’t be ready in March, but will be coming at a later date. Hopefully before 2017.


Unlike the Model S and X (pictured), both the 3 and Y (which Tesla’s cleverly naming them), will be given an ‘affordable’ $30,000-$35,000 starting price. Those two vehicles, specifically the smaller CUV, will rival the newly-released Chevrolet Bolt SUV. While the Model 3 will set its focus on cars like the Prius, Leaf, and Volt, just to name a few.
We’ll know more details about the Model 3 when it debuts this March, likely as a concept. As for the Model Y, Tesla hasn’t given any sort of release date, but we can expect to see something closer to 2017.