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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Latest Shelby Mustang is a 750HP “Terlingua” Track Star


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If you’re the type of person who looks at the 2016 Shelby GT350 and thinks, “Hmm, that could use more power,” the folks over at Shelby American have the perfect Mustang for you. It’s brash, it’s yellow, and oh yeah… it sends 750 horsepower to the ground. Meet the 2016 Shelby Terlingua
Shelby American says it will build only 50 examples of the rarified Terlingua, which it calls its “most track-inspired Mustang” ever, and each will cost a pretty penny—$65,999 (plus the price of a donor Mustang GT). But for those who do feel Terlingua fever, they’ll be privy to quite the historical Mustang.


Not familiar with the “Terlingua” moniker? Its name recalls Carroll Shelby’s “Terlingua Racing Team,” which he started in the mid ‘60s with friend Bill Neale and named after his extensive ranch near the Texas town of Terlingua. Neale penned the team’s now-iconic jackrabbit logo, and in the years that followed, Terlingua Racing Team stickers found their way to Indy cars, Le Mans racers, and a load of unexpected cars in between. Notably, the very first Shelby Mustang GT350R that ever raced wore a Terlingua jackrabbit.
But this car doesn’t romance that early GT350. Instead, this ‘Stang pays a visual tribute to the Terlingua Racing car that Jerry Titus drove to a Trans Am championship in 1967. The source of its incredible turn of speed comes courtesy of a Whipple supercharger, which awakens the Mustang GT’s 5.0-liter V8 to the tune of 750 ponies. Thankfully, it can transmit that “go” to the ground as well, thanks to a new Eibach coilover suspension, Ford Performance half-shafts, and a heavy duty one-piece driveshaft. It can stop too, à la meaty Brembo brakes housed in 20-inch WELD racing wheels.

Additional goodies include a short-throw shifter, Borla exhaust and given its bend on track duty—a diet of carbon fiber, which includes a new splitter, hood, spoiler, rocker panels, diffuser, and grille.

Quite the recipe. Now all we need to see is one of these brutes lap a track next to Ford’s tightened-and-tweaked GT350R. Place your bets.