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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

SOL.E Concept Car Proves a Sustainable Future Doesn’t Have to be Boring


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The future of transportation isn’t exactly a picture painted in black and white. The complexities of autonomous vehicles and sustainability leave experts and automakers all scratching their heads. But if the future were left in the hands of designer Adam Carvalho, things at least might be a bit more…interesting.
The development of the SOL.E personal city vehicle is Carvalho’s vision of the future—and it might not be that far off from reality. The SOLE.E was designed “from the inside out.” It may sound like PR jargon, but it’s a real vision towards a more sustainable future.


The majority of the body is crafted in PLA plastic, a compostable and recyclable resource. The interior features a layout of repurposed textile, mostly derived from recycled plastic bottles.

There’s also a hefty amount of carbon fiber, and a material truly unique to anything else on the market: orange peels. They help line the interior, and act as a completely waste free building material.

But how did it all come together? Most would imagine some green, futuristic econobox, right? Wrong. The SOL.E is both creative and sporty in its design. It features a single seat layout, paired to an exposed chassis similar to more track-focused vehicles like the BAC Mono and Ariel Atom.

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While we don’t expect performance to match the vehicles mentioned above, the SOL.E at least previews a vehicle young consumers may actually be interested in buying. Though it’s just a design study, it very well could be the next wave in personal transportation.