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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The 2016 Ferrari California T Just Got Even Sportier


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Few would fault the all-new Ferrari California T on its sportiness. But to any naysayers, Ferrari has already prepared an even sportier version, which is set to be unveiled at the upcoming 2016 Geneva Motor Show. That variant boasts what is called the Handling Speciale package, or “HS,” and it aims to turn up the heat on an already spicy Ferrari. 

You won’t find any raucous exterior treatments or aerodynamic trickery (sorry F12tdf fans). Instead, the Handling Speciale package includes a number of suspension and chassis tweaks that truly manifest themselves with “Sport” mode engaged.

The primary modifications relate to the roadster’s springs and dampers. Ferrari equips “HS” cars with new springs altogether, which are 16 percent stiffer in front and 19 percent stiffer in the rear, and tunes the car’s existing magnetorheological dampers for faster response. This has likely subtracted a touch of ride comfort in the pursuit of handling, but for the hardcore Ferraristi, that ought not to matter.

All Ferrari California Ts boast the same slick seven-speed dual clutch gearbox, however the Handling Speciale package is said to offer quicker up- and downshifts, both in automatic and manual modes. Drivers should notice too, because the “HS” treatment also includes a new quad-exhaust system, which is tuned to produce a fuller, more pronounced note at high revs. The turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 still emits its peak 552-hp howl at 7,500 rpm.
The California’s new aesthetic treatments are kept generally subdued, however. The Handling Speciale package brings with it a new front grille and rear diffuser in matte grey, complemented by matte black tailpipes.

Looking to buy? The standard Ferrari California T starts just south of $200,000.
As of yet, pricing for the “HS” package is still unknown
. UPDATE: Ferrari has confirmed the HS package is currently available and not retrofittable for older Californias. Italian pricing is said to be €7077. Stay tuned for more as the Geneva Motor Show approaches on March 3rd.