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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Spyker Returns With New Vehicle Set to Debut at Geneva Motor Show


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The past few years haven’t exactly been what we’d call ‘easy’ for Spyker. The Dutch automaker overcame a restructuring that left them nearly bankrupt, and partnered with an American aircraft manufacturer by the name of Volta Volare. Now, the marque may be back on the street with an all-new vehicle.
According to Autovisie, Spyker is planning to debut a completely new sports car at the Geneva Motor Show later this year. It’s still very much speculation at this point as to exactly what the vehicle in question will be, but signs point (possibly) to an electric sports car.


You may remember back in August, alongside the merger with Volta Volare, Spyker had announced a plan for an electric vehicle somewhere in the lineup, sometime in the near future. A $33 million investment by Chinese investors Youngman was the first step towards that new vehicle.
Other rumors could have a production-version of the B6 Venator on stage—or possibly even both. Whatever the case, Spyker will be in Geneva with something new. Thank the car gods.