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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The New Razor Crazy Cart Shift Makes Drifting Easy for Kids


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Going fast isn’t always a requirement for having fun, as demonstrated by the popular Razor Crazy Cart. Its top speed is only 12 mph, nevertheless it produces smiles everywhere it goes, all while “going” very, very sideways. 

Now however, there’s a new model, and it’s making drifting even easier for the younger crowd. Meet the Razor Crazy Cart Shift.
The drift cart was recently announced at the 2016 London Toy Fair, and it’s said to target riders ages eight and up. Unlike its Crazy Cart and Crazy Cart XL predecessors, the new Shift model omits the tried-and-tested “drift bar,” which can be pulled to send riders into a sideways tizzy. Instead, the all-new model is said to be more car-like in that steering wheel input controls all drifting action.


According to Gizmag, the Razor Crazy Cart Shift also breaks tradition with the original and XL model (above) by introducing a hub motor to power the drive wheel, rather than a chain-drive setup. Additionally, the cart’s body is now said to be composed of polypropylene and its new 24-volt battery increases runtime from the typical 40 minutes to right around an hour, and produces top speeds of 8 mph. Fans will note the bucket seat and drift-assisting rear caster wheels keep their rightful place.

Need one? Currently your Razor Crazy Cart choices vary between the Lil’ Crazy, Crazy Cart, and Crazy Cart XL, however the tech site notes the new model will hit store shelves sometime later this year at a cost of around £250, or about $356. That price tag may break some kid’s toy budgets, but if you’re looking to raise the next Ken Block… perhaps it’s a worthwhile investment.