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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This 2,200-HP Lamborghini Looks Tasty, But Isn’t Cheap


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How much is too much horsepower? If your answer is, “you can never have enough,” well… perhaps this is the perfect ride for you. 
In 2009, Lamborghini revamped its fan-favorite Gallardo sports coupe—trimming its waistline by 45 pounds, adding a fresh new face, stiffening its chassis, and donating an extra 40 horsepower.

 By all accounts, the 552 horsepower Gallardo LP 560-4 that followed was a very good thing indeed. But surely it could have “more.”

Some time later, this ’09 Gallardo did receive “more” and now its 5.2-liter V10 sings to the tune of 2,200 horsepower. Let that sink in for a moment. Interestingly enough, it’s now up for grabs on AutoTrader near the town of Milton Keynes in the UK. Too much power, perhaps?


As standard, a stock 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo could dash to 60 mph in arounds 3.6 seconds and notch a top speed of 202 mph. While equivalent performance figures are unfortunately lacking on this car, you can bet it smashes the previous numbers.

The Gallardo features a twin-turbo setup designed by North Carolina’s Underground Racing, a group that has turned twin-turbo exotics into their bread and butter business.

 As such, the car’s spec sheet reads like a tuner’s cost-no-option holiday wish list: a pair of custom-built turbochargers, blueprinted and balanced racing engine block, race pistons, a carbon clutch, billet gears, and ADV alloy wheels…just to name a few.


The result is an aforementioned 2,200 horsepower on racing fuel. Admittedly, only 1,750 of those ponies make contact with the ground, and only 1,130 horsepower if you’re running pump gas. Nevertheless, each of those figures are certifiably too high for most palates, and the car’s number plate says it all, “N33D HP.”

The price? It’s expectedly quite a large one, but perhaps not as much as you might think—£199,995 or about $285,500 at today’s rates. What say you, Internets? Does a twin-turbo Gallardo steal your heart, or would you rather have a 2016 Lamborghini Huracan for about $40,000 less?