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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Someone Found This Beautiful Ford Mustang Boss 429 in a Junkyard


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Ford Mustang Boss 429

Sometimes people don’t know what they have, which is how amazing finds end up hidden away in attics or rusting to bits in a junkyard. This 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 was left to end its life in the junkyard, but was saved from a rusty demise.

According to Mustang360, the Ford was sitting in a junkyard back in 1975 and was discovered by Keith Clark’s brother-in-law. The engine had been stolen, but he still bought the car for $2,000 along with a 429 CJ that was throw in for free.

Ford Mustang Boss 429 Engine

That might sound like a steal, but remember it was 1975, so that was a chunk of change. The car was then used like any other car doing the rounds around town until he found a Boss 429 engine to put under the hood after two years. When the brother-in-law decided to get married, the car found its way to Clark.

He did loads of work to refurbish the car, but still drove it like any other car without paying particular attention until he saw its value steadily increase. He says he’s been offered over $100,000, but he turned it down. It’s worth more to him as a car he can drive than money in the bank.

Ford Mustang Boss 429 Interior