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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

David Bowie Influenced one of the Car Industry’s Top Designers


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Late last night the world learned of the passing of David Bowie. The iconic musician appeared in movies and influenced fashion and popular culture throughout his career. His music evolved through the years and brought joy to millions. What you may not know is that he also had an important influence on one corner of the automotive world.
The Daily Record has a report explaining how Bowie had an influence on the man behind Jaguar’s styling renaissance in the last decade. Namely the musician was a favorite of Jaguar design director Ian Callum.

Jaguar F-Type Manual

Callum recently won an award for top executive at the Scottish Car of the Year Awards. It was at that presentation that he explained where his early influences came from. “My grandfather John knew I loved cars and we looked at the E-Type through the window of Rossleigh’s in Edinburgh when I was six.” He explained, ”My love of Jags was born before then but it almost clinched my future there and there what I wanted to do. That moment of looking into that showroom and my love of Bowie growing up were very influential on my future career.”

The rejuvenation of the brand started in 2007 with the Jaguar XF performance sedan. It was then joined by the redesigned XJ flagship sedan, which was arguably one of the most significant shifts in styling one car can undergo. Then came the F-Type, which is the spiritual successor to the E-Type that, along with Bowie, inspired him so long ago.


The next chapter for Jaguar is the XE small sedan and F-Pace SUV. The XE is a crucial car for the brand, as it will likely be the brand’s sales leader, and be the volume cornerstone for the lineup, the way the 3-Series is for BMW. But the designer in charge of this entire shift in Jaguar styling can still trace his inspiration back to Bowie, a man that was able to inspire so many with this music and flair.