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Monday, January 25, 2016

Like This Futuristic Flying Car? You Could Win a 3D Printed Version


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The mass market flying car has been a point of fascination for decades, and depending on your pop culture point of reference it may be overdue, as Back to the Future II would indicate, or perhaps on track for 2062, à la The Jetsons. Who knows? The Terrafugia TF-X may even bring flying cars to market by 2022. 
Regardless, the passion for flying cars has yet to wane, and if we’re lucky enough, when they do arrive they’ll look something like this. Meet the Galactic Phantom.

Penned by Los Angeles automotive designer Shawn Moghadam, the Galactic Phantom is Moghadam’s vision of the luxury flying car of the future (here by 2054). It’s one of a series of new designs that he is releasing weekly, and it may become a 3D-printed reality.


Moghadam is aiming to raise $5,000—soon to launch a Kickstarter campaign—in order to create a photo book containing various edgy and futuristic vehicle designs. If fully funded, he’ll also create 3D-printed toys of all the vehicles shown in the book, and he says one lucky person will even get to create their own spaceship design. You can check out Shawn’s Instagram page for a few of the sleek completed designs.

Moghadam, a Honda designer and Gnomon School professor, describes his creation as a futuristic flying grand tourer for the well-heeled, which packs “quad thorium” engines and has set the record for racing around the world’s atmosphere in only two hours. No word on how fast it can complete the Kessel Run in, but we’ll gander it’s a tad over 12 parsecs.

Like this conceptual car of the future? Stay tuned for more in the run-up to the design book’s Kickstarter campaign, which will launch on March 9th.