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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This Studebaker President Is a Rare Desert eBay Find


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As our relations with Cuba have begun to ease, many Americans are starting to make their way to our neighbor just 90 miles south of Florida. One of the coolest things people are seeing are the 1950s American cars that appear to be in immaculate condition. Only problem is, most of their original drivetrains withered away decades ago, and use Russian and even Korean components instead.

For the real thing, with real American drivetrain parts, look no further than the Arizona desert, where this rare 1955 Studebaker President recently popped up, and you can get it on eBay right now for a song!


The body shows a bit of wear and tear, but for a car more than a half-century old, it is really in great shape. The desert air has treated the body of this ’55 well, though things get a little more muddled under the hood.


Like the American classics that line streets of Cuba, parts fail and engines die. But unlike the island nation, there are plentiful American replacement parts, or at least parts from other vehicles by the same automaker. For example, this Studebaker President has a 259 cubic inch V8 engine from a Studebaker truck. It is mated to the a three-speed manual sending power to the rear wheels.


Unfortunately, much of its documentation is a bit muddled, which is why with just two days left, the reserve has not yet been met. At this time of writing this, bidding on eBay right now is at $1,225, so for those creative mechanics out there, it might be a great deal!