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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jaguar’s New 200MPH F-Type SVR is a Sports Car on Steroids


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I’m willing to bet most of you didn’t wake up this morning thinking Jaguar would build a more powerful F-Type. Yet, here we are, and a 200-mph F-Type is a real thing that you can actually buy—at least, in the next few months.

Jaguar released first images and details of the all-new F-Type SVR before its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in just a few months. It’s an F-Type turned up to 11, putting down even more power and more grunt than ever before. Jaguar hasn’t given us an official horsepower figure, but we do have some leaked figures to go off of.



The same 5.0-liter V8 you’ll find on the F-Type R has been upped to produce 567 horsepower and 424 lb-ft torque, processed through an 8-speed automatic transmission. To 60 mph, the F-Type SVR will manage in an estimated 3.7 seconds. These aren’t official (yet), but they do sound pretty spot on.
To go along with this newfound performance, Jaguar made sure to tweak the exterior just enough that it separates itself from the typical F-Type crowd. New wheels, an aggressive front splitter, a sleeker hood, and a fixed rear wing to ensure all the downforce.

On paper, it definitely sounds impressive. But it’s one thing to just read about the 200-mph F-Type, it’s another to see (and hear) it on film. Take a look