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Monday, January 4, 2016

You Can Buy James Bond’s Lotus Submarine for $1 Million


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How much would you pay for a piece of James Bond movie memorabilia? If it’s the unforgettable Lotus Esprit submarine car from 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me, try a cool one million dollars. 
Noted to be one of the original cars built for the late ‘70s Bond film, the submarine car has emerged from the depths of the Internet and is now for sale on Hemmings, having been previously listed on eBay in 2014. It’s certainly not what you’d call typical.

The seafaring Lotus Esprit starred as James Bond’s go-to sports car for 1977, and came specially equipped from the Q Branch for a deep dive into the drink. It earned its iconic big screen appearance when Bond, played by Roger Moore, attempts to evade the machine gun fire of a helicopter by plunging the Lotus off a pier and into the ocean. “Can you swim,” questions Bond.

Clearly the Lotus can. From beneath the waves, the Esprit tucks its wheels, outfits fins at each corner, and torpedo tubes raise from the hood. Bond then launches a rocket from the submarine car’s roof, which makes quick work of the villainous helicopter.

According to the current owner and information from RM Auctions, six full Lotus Esprit bodies were used during filming of the movie, though only one Esprit was used as a functioning
submarine—driven by Navy SEAL Don Griffin. Interestingly, that car went up for auction in 2013 and is now owned by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk…hence the secret “007” submarine mode hidden in each Tesla Model S.


This car is one of the remaining, non-functional prop cars, which lacks an engine and appears to be permanently mounted on a display platform. Overall the craft looks to be in good condition and is said to have been restored in Las Vegas by Rick Dale, star of the History Channel show American Restoration.
The only question is, what would you do with one?