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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

CES 2016: A Sneak Peek of The Chevrolet Bolt


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Chevrolet Bolt

One of the big debuts slated for CES this week is the Chevrolet Bolt, but video of the car surfaced earlier. CNET posted things a bit early and although the video has since been removed, screenshots are out there now for your viewing pleasure.

According to CNET (via Jalopnik), the Bolt looks a lot like the initial concept, but not as flashy. It’s a little more budget-minded in its styling.

Chevrolet Bolt Front

The retail price is supposed to be under $30K, but that number hasn’t slipped so we will all have to wait a little longer for official pricing. The CNET video showed the tested Bolt doing 0-60 mph in under seven seconds. Not bad for a car that is supposed to have a 200 mile range, too.

The inside has a large infotainment screen and a special version of MyLink just for the Bolt, including preset app pages and a customizable profile. Being electric, it also offers information on how you’re driving so you can optimize your efficiency. Check out the rearview mirror that doubles as a camera, which looks really slick. Expect more details soon when the official reveal happens.

Chevrolet Bolt Interior